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Buck Test results to date

Buckling Update

Buck Test Work Day 7/9/2011
Scrapies Tag #Test IDWeightFAMACHAFEC
MS 0999266020TN 074927572800MO 131928771550MO 245929492100MO 6939304920A31 (lost scrapies tag)9315321850KS 153932682350MO 9209335310TN 0729345711300MS 130935682200MO 138936782700OK 1279375121400KS 537938572800OK 125939552100KS 5329405612000KS 5339416311500TN 07194257150MS 106943692800MS 1319446111100IN 030945592350  IN 03194651 2200     IL 004947522550OK 6919485722450KS 170949711no fecal sampleKS 557
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