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Goats and deer

Deer and Goats

Mr Buttons kissing flat stanley
Mr Buttons kissing flat stanley
Maggie Mae cleaning Buttons
Maggie Mae cleaning Buttons
Thanks to all who bought our babies this year.  We are breeding for February babies.  We sold 22 kids this year and even though I miss them I know they went to good homes.  We held back 6 babies to add to our herd.  They will be bred in September of 2013.  We bought 2 new does at the kikofest which should bring added color to our herd.  One is a boer cross doe who looks alot like our red hot lover buck.  Her name is paprika.


All of our bucklings are gone to Maryland to the buck test.  They are doing great and will hopefully continue to do so.  These bucklings will be sold after the buck test and so they will not be returning home.  We still have doelings for sale and also some mature does and mature and junior bucks for sale.  We will be a consigner in the kiko fest sale in Illinois and will be taking some of our top stock.  We appreciate the buyers we have had so far this year and as always are glad they are happy with their new goats.


Dear Friends,
     Maggie and Lucky were grazing in the bottom pasture with the horses and steer!!  We moved the baby girl goats down there since we moved our fence and took them down there to browse.  They remembered us and we got caught up on deer kisses.  I think they both look pregnant and it looked like they are bedding in the pasture.  I am so thankful that they are doing so well.  They sure are shedding and look so grey.  Lucky finally got a longer nose but Maggies ears are still longer.

2012 kid crop/Maggie and Lucky

We are done kidding at least until March (we had one doe get bred late and isn't due until March 2nd).  We have a total of 30 kids with the average for 15 does being twins.  We had 2 does have singles nad 2 does have triplets.  All are healthy and happy.  Frankie struggled to give birth to her doeling who weighed 11.2 pounds.  I felt it was her sholders that were hard to pass but once she was out I think it might have been her ears!!  LOL  We were blessed with lots of colorful kids who immediately after birth nursed and then proceeded to run up and down the isles and visit with other kids.
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