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Goats for Sale 

We are offering for sale an excellent collection of purebred, and percentage Kiko goats that have a proven track record in parasite resistance, average daily weight gain and will become superior herd sires or excellent mothers. We not only use FAMACHA but also do fecal egg counts so that our herd consists of only parasite resistant goats. They perform well on forage with a small amount of grain and hay in the winter and excel in average daily gain. Bucks are only fed hay and what they forage even in the winter time.

We truly believe in customer satisfaction. If you are happy with your purchase tell your friends.....if you are not happy, tell us and we will do what we can to ensure that you are matched with a goat that will benefit your herd. All of our purebred goats are parentage verified and DNA genotyped. We were honored to win the Grand Champion FEC and the Grand Champion Herdsman FEC in the Oklahoma Forage Buck Performance Test 2011 with our buckling Doc Holiday having a 0 fecal egg count throughout the test and our bucklings TNT and Thor having low fecal egg counts which won us the herdsman award!! They decided to eliminate the first fecal egg count which eliminated us from winning the herdsman award. This also created a tie for the grand champion FEC. Goats we are offering for sale can be seen on our Goats for sale paypal page.

 Three of our does and one of our bucks are dual registered with the AKGA and the IKGA. Some of these kids go back to COO Iron Horse, AVG Marshall, and Cherokee Fiddler.  

     This year we are offering a very select group of bucklings but until they reach their 60 day weights we won't know who they will be. At that time more wethers will be added to our website . 

We have 28 kids that will be available in May 2019.

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