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Berry Update

Saturday June 25th 


 There are several pounds of red raspberries that are ripe and ready to be picked.  The blueberries have been well picked over the last few days and it will be several days before there are any ready to be picked.  I was surprised when I saw the raspberries  we had pickers for several days in a row and they were keeping them picked clean.  It was just a week ago that we got our first berries off for the season and it amazes me how quickly they are ripening.  We actually turned people away on Friday and they just have magically ripened!!  One thing that has hurt us this season too is that we actually have a row and a half of raspberries that appear to be dying so there is very little fruit to start with. Premier Ag out of Trafalgar is sending several samples to the lab for us to try and determine what is happening with our berries and if there is anything we can do to stop them from dying.  We applied some aggrand 4-3-3 fertilizer and that seems to have slowed their death but not sure if they will survive.  By this time next week we should have some answers.  If any of you are encountering the same problems please feel free to share your symptoms with us and see if our lab results can help you resolve your issues also. 

    I apologize that we are not available by phone....we are on T Mobile but live in their roaming area.  We are on an AT&T tower that is possibly down we are really not sure.  I have to go to Franklin, Indiana to make a call or receive any voice messages.  I tried to get most called but if I did not get to you please just keep checking the website for updates on the berries.  I will post again each day with updates on the berries and thanks for being patient ,

Jill Zink

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