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Berry Update for Wednesday July 13th

There are no berries available at this time.  Our raspberries are now blooming and setting fruit for the next round of berries.  The blackberries are getting close to being ripe.  They are now a very deep red.  the bushes for the mid season of blueberries are still not blooming....I hope they don't disappoint us but it has been a bad berry season.  The good thing is that the row and a half of raspberries that didn't produce much in the early fruit set are producing new shoots that will produce late.  For those that have been following Maggie Mae and Lucky, both fawns are doing great.  Lucky had a short bout with scours but has since recovered.  They are now checking out the garden every day and we are feeding them a little cracked corn to help them out between bottles.  They seem to forage on their own too so I think they will be fine as they get closer to weaning.  Even though we don't have berries available at this time everyone is still welcome to come out and see the critters.  I think most who have been here enjoy that as much if not more than picking berries.  We picked green beans this morning and only picked 2 rows and probably got around 50 pounds.  We still have 3 rows to pick and a lot of canning ahead in the next several days.  We will have extra green beans this year so anyone interested in a upick green bean just say so and we will oblige.  They are very nice looking beans with almost no bug bites.  The upick beans will be $1/lb.  Also we have still not set a new date for the berry festival.....we are trying to time it so that we will have our last cutting of hay out of the fields and we will have to go to Oklahoma to pick up our bucklings.  I would think that Oct 1 it would still be pleasant enough weather to enjoy sack races etc.  It might be nice to have a October festival since it would be something fun for a family to do before it gets cold and nasty.  Jill Zink


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