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berry update June 28th Tuesday


There are plenty of raspberries for picking.  There are still some blueberries to ripen but we are anxious for the next bushes to start blooming.  There won't be a daily blog on Thursday or Friday this week since I will be out of state taking our bucklings to Oklahoma.  You will still be welcome to come pick on those days since my son and his family will be here to feed and take care of the business. 

    One of our hens has hatched out 2 new chicks.  One is yellow and one is  black.  I know people have the general impression that chickens are dumb but I saw something last night that  refutes that generalization. Her new chicks can not make it into the hen house through the side door because they can not jump up that high.  I opened the walk through door so they would not have to jump as high.  I felt that I would still have to help them get in but their mother hopped in the hen house and when she saw they could not jump high enough she took her beak and raked out some of the corn stubble onto the ground so that they could stand on it and jump into the hen house. 

    Maggie Mae and Lucky are still meeting me in the woods to get their bottle.  We seem to be getting better at meeting and if I just stay in our spot and call they will come without me having to walk and call.  Yesterday though they followed me back to the garage since they were wet from the rain the night before.  I towel dryed them and gave them a small bottle at noon and then took them back and met them at their supper time.  I am going to always look for them even when they are out on their own and no longer need me to bring them a bottle.

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