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Buckling Update

Buck Test Work Day 7/9/2011

Scrapies Tag #

Test ID




MS 099


I know this is hard to read this way but when I copy and pasted this is how it turned out.  The 2 letters designate the state the goat is from.  the next 3 numbers are the last 3 digits of the goats scrapie tag, the next 3 digits is the goats test ID number, The next 2 digits is the goats weight, the next digit is the goats famacha score, and the rest of the digits is the fecal egg count.  Our 3 bucklings are IN 028 test ID 955 weight 58 pounds Famacha score of 2 and 0 fecal parasite eggs; IN 030 test ID 945 weight 51 famacha 2 fecal egg count of 350; In 031 test ID 946 weight 51 famacha 2 fecal egg count of 200.  I am a proud momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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