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Deer and Goats

Mr Buttons kissing flat stanley Maggie Mae cleaning Buttons Thanks to all who bought our babies this year.  We are breeding for February babies.  We sold 22 kids this year and even though I miss them I know they went to good homes.  We held back 6 babies to add to our herd.  They will be bred in September of 2013.  We bought 2 new does at the kikofest which should bring added color to our herd.  One is a boer cross doe who looks alot like our red hot lover buck.  Her name is paprika.  The other doe is a purebred tan doe named honey.  Thank you to the Days for our new additions.  Please pray for our Maggie Mae and Lucky and their babies to make it through another deer season.  Mr. buttons is so little I can't imagine anyone shooting him but hopefully they will all stay safe.  I can't imagine the fear they must experience for 4 months.  Jill Zink

Mr Buttons kissing flat stanley
Maggie Mae cleaning Buttons


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