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Event Update

Well we are getting set for the festival and we are going to have some merchants joining us.  Cedar Creek Winery will be offering wine for sale, Country Market will have mums for sale, Adys Fabrics will be bringing items to sell and there are more that will probably be here to kick off the festival.  Hope to see you all!!!!!!!!!  Jill

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The berries are finally starting to produce but we are still slow ripening.   I miss the times when we had oodles of berries available.   Today July 6th there are none available for picking.   We are

Berries are behind this year but should be ripe by the end of June 2020. Please call to make sure that they are ripe.   Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again.

Blueberries are available now and black raspberries are probably a week or so away!!!!!!!

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