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July 2 Update

We made it back from Oklahoma in one piece and got the bucklings delivered safely to their new home for 3 months.  I hope they do well and enjoy their vacation.  Maggie Mae and Lucky look fantastic this morning.  I was concerned when Lucky didn't come to take a bottle last night but she was there this morning after  Maggie Mae  had already eaten.  They haved moved back home again to live in the goat pasture closer to the house.  It is the same area where they came when I couldn't find Lucky for a day and said my prayer for God to bring her to me since I couldn't find her.  I don't know what prompted the move but they came back up here right before we left and have stayed.  While we were gone my son Daryl and his family stayed and took care of the critters.  We had him call the vet, our buck Warrior  is having trouble walking or even standing.  He has evidently gotten hurt in his back or something and has trouble moving his right rear leg.  There is a parasite called a deer worm that can cause problems like that but it is usually in LLamas not goats.  This parasite can get in the area of their spine and cause paralysis by damaging their central nervous system.  The vet doesn't think that is as likely though and that Warrior just got hurt when sparring with his pasture mates.  We had some berry pickers while we were gone and I guess they got to see the deer.  By the way there are still plenty of raspberries to be picked and the blackberries are starting to turn colors.  You all have a safe and fun weekend and enjoy the holiday.    Jill zink

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