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new babies

The new kids are sure bouncing around and growing like weeds.  We put a stack of skids in an area that they can get to and jump on.  The bigger they get the more it looks like we have.  They already love attention and want you to pet them and play.  We are trying to get the DNA done on everyone so they will be DNA genotyped and parentage verified.  All the does are being good mothers and even the 2 sets of triplets seem to be getting satisfied.  Tomorrow we are going to weigh them again to check their average daily gain.  It will be interesting to see how the triplets compare to the singles and twins.  We have already had to adjust their chains (we use the plastic chain) and will probably have to adjust them again tomorrow.  We are only having trouble with one doe not wanting to let her kids suckle both tits.  She seems to be getting better but we are actually having to milk out the one tit a little so she doesn't run into trouble.  Hopefully by doing this the soreness will be relieved and she will stop stomping when the kids try to nurse that side.


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