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Sunday June 26th Berry update

         At this time there is only a small amount of blueberries left to ripen (several pounds) and our mid season are not yet blooming.  There are still alot of raspberries yet to ripen but will need a day to be plentiful again.  The blackberries are still a couple weeks? away from being ripe. 

         Update on  the deer:  They are now living in the woods full time and I just walk down to feed them their bottles twice a day.  It is stressful for me because I have to walk and call them to get them to come for their bottle.  The girls don't seem to live together and therefore one may come immediately and I still have to look for the other one.  Today Lucky followed me back to the garage and I towel dryed her after last nights rain.  Maggie Mae ate first this morning and then ran up and down on the dam road until she was warm and then went back into the woods.  I miss being able to check on them at any time, but I want them to maintain their wild streak for their own safety.  They are at least living in the area where I took them for many walks and is not close to where anyone will hunt them and there are no roads.

            Emily from Premier Ag has taken our berry samples to the lab now and we should here the results from them by next Friday.  Hopefully it is not a disease where we will have to destroy the berries and wait to plant again.  I know that we are not the only ones that are having the same symptoms. 

           We finally got another 7 acre  hay field planted so we can plant more berries in the field next to the berries.  Our goal for the future is to plant more raspberries, some black raspberries, and more of the early and mid blueberries.  we did a trial plot of strawberries and they seem to thrive, so that may also be another option for us.  We have considered planting the strawberries in planters that are mounted to posts in a tier.  I would welcome any feedback as to your thoughts and feelings about this method as to picking standing up compared to on your knees.  Also I would like to hear your thoughts as to June bearing vs. everbearing.  I know with the other berries even though we have fall raspberries, blackberries that are going strong late and late variety blueberries we don't have many people wanting berries in late August and September.  Also if there are any requests for a berry that we don't grow please mention it to us and we will consider planting them.  Our goal is to try to have the berries that you enjoy and in quanties that are in line with the demand. 

             We have had some requests for upick vegtables also.  We planted large gardens this year so that we can resupply our canned goods.  Also a friend of ours had cancer and was unable to put out a garden so I thought we would share  our crop.  We still may have veggies available though so if you would like any please just ask and we may be able to accomadate you.  Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again soon.  Jill Zink


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