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update july 5th

I have posted a video of the deer Maggie Mae and Lucky on U-tube under zinkberryfarm deer.  This shows them after they have taken their bottle and them going with me to feed.  There is also video clips of  a family that came to pick berries and got to feed the deer.  I hope you enjoy watching the clips.  There are still raspberries to pick and the blackberries are turning colors.  The lab seem to think that our berry problems were mostly weather related, our leaf samples show that there is a defiency of boron and sulfur uptake so we will be adding some sulfur to the soil which will help the plants uptake micronutrients.  This will also help them uptake nitrogen from the soil.  Anyone wanting a chance to view/feed the deer: they usually come up to eat at 8 am and between 5-6 pm.  they have come as early as 7am but I am trying to get them to wait until 8am so they won't feed so early in the evening.  When they feed in the evening they tend to go back into the woods rather quickly.  Only in the morning do they tend to stay around and run around and play.  For those of you who have taken pics and videos of the deer feel free to post them on our utube or facebook page.  Happy picking!!


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Berries are behind this year but should be ripe by the end of June 2020. Please call to make sure that they are ripe.   Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again.

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